Carolina Gynning is a spectacular media sensation, the hottest and most exciting it-girl to appear in Sweden for many decades. And that’s only the beginning. She’s a highly successful artist, with people signing up to be on a long waiting list to have the opportunity to buy her work. Whenever Carolina exhibits her paintings they immediately sell out. She’s a bestselling writer, she  published four books EGO GIRL 2004, EGO WOMAN 2007, Laura 2011 and Vanessa 2012 . She’s an award-winning and top-rated TV presenter, able to pick and choose offers. Now she’s entering a new phase of her life: she is turning herself into a razor sharp business woman and actress in the new movie Blondie (2012) by Jesper Gansladth were she plays the main caracter Elin

Carolina is a fashion icon who creates headlines with every move she makes. The strength of her own personal brand is outstanding. She’s outspoken, fearless and a truly genuine person, which makes her a charismatic role model for today’s young women. So take a good look at her if you can. Next time you see her, she has transformed herself into a new kind of cultural phenomenon.